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El Paso, Texas
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You are best at what you do in your business.  You should not have to manage multiple additional processes, vendors or get bogged down dealing with compliance and regulatory issues just to make an ATM available to your customers.  Speedy Buck is your one-stop-shop for all of your ATM needs.

Speedy Buck’s Placement Package includes at NO CHARGE TO YOU:

  • Automatic Teller Machines which meet current and future regulatory, transaction and security compliance.
  • Vault Cash Replenishment
  • Transaction Processing:  ATM transaction, processing and settlement
  • ATM Monitoring and Dispatch: 24/7 remote ATM monitoring
  • Maintenance:  Regular site visits to clean and inspect ATM.  Replenish ATM paper, provide prompt attention to technical malfunctions; provide replacement parts and labor needed for repair.
  • Customer Dispute Claims: Customer support and dispute resolution.  We will deal with the customer on your behalf.
  • Monthly Residual:  Get paid for each completed, surcharged transaction!
  • Hassle Free:  We do all of the paperwork and accounting!
  • NO Money Down!
  • NO Out-of-Pocket Expenses!
  • NO Hidden Fees or Charges!

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